Monday, February 22, 2010

I [heart] New York - a post in 3 parts - deux

A Day in the Life:
9:00 Get out of subway station, see a charming cafe where I grab banana bread and a coffee then start walking to my 9 am appt - in the wrong direction - in full tundra wind blowing the "stylish" fur hat right off my head and spilling coffee down my coat for a few blocks until I realize that I'm no longer on the same street as I wanted to be on...
9:05 Realize my mistake and start speed-walking the opposite direction. Throw undrunken, but half gone coffee in trash can.
9:10 I arrive at showroom - out of breath and sopping wet. That's what happens when you "speed walk" in a down coat. Not pretty. But after that troubled beginning, it actually did get a lot better and these were the appts I had today, which I can only hope will develop into long CVIVIER friendships:
9:20 First meeting with a Euro trend forecaster who was running late too, mercifully - just late enough for me to regain composure.. ;)

10:30 Taxi uptown to Henri Bendels on 5th Ave.

12:30 City bus back to showroom to meet with Carla from Jumelle Brooklyn

2:00 Babble through a highly intimidating meeting in French with Sarah from Colette.

3:00 Taxi to meet Anne at Steven Alan in Tribeca

4:00 Taxi to meet Gigi from Madewell
8:00 Get a virtually unattainable same day Babbo reservation, thank you delicious...

11:00 Finally return to the super cute, Roman and Williams designed Ace Hotel
Brush teeth with $10 Aspesi toothpaste from the Ace Hotel No. 8 shop. (I needed toothpaste! And it's Italian and it's cute. And it's really good.)

11:20 Exhausted.


emily said...

We went to Babbo for my birthday... so amazing. It was like a dream.

Megan Taylor said...

Isn't that strange, how you can walk out the door in the NYC morning and everything fly into craziness?? Especially when things our blustery, it's TRES big apple. By the way, I love Colette! And so far, I love your NYC posts...!!!

Jennifer said...

You are living my dream life right now!
Sounds so exciting. Congratulations!
Got my Mini in the mail last Friday. Love it. The leather is so soft: like butter!

kate / tinywarbler said...

congrats- that sounds like a very successful trip!