Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quote of the Saturday

"Got about 15 pics taken least 8 of them were Japanese, 'who's your bag? who's your bag?' I think I need a different color for every day."
-Stylist Fifi Powell in NY for fashion week with the patent green laptop clutch.


Susie said...

that clutch is amazing.

also, just wanted to let you know i discovered your bag line and blog today and i'm already a huge fan!! i'm going to order a messenger for my upcoming birthday. it's everything i've been searching for in a bag, seriously. i love that this blog shows how much work and love you put into your products.

Vivier said...

Thank you so much, Susie! Very kind of you to comment. XOClare

Anonymous said...

I heart this bag, like major! It is THE perfect work "bag" and I've been wanting a bag this color green for years. When will it be available for purchase?