Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Heart with Handles

After I finish photo shopping a million photos, after I finish a hundred other things, after I put my boy down to sleep, le mari et moi, we may actually defy tradition and go out to eat tonight if only because I'm taking my show to New York tomorrow. The fact that it's V Day pales in comparison to the fact we get to have a last meal together for a week in a calm environment which we don't have to clean up. So if we look like suckas at the restaurant tonight, so be it.

Here's my heart to you, dear reader, if you're out there. It kinda looks like one if you squint. It's one of my new messengers - Hello, Mr.Poppy. I'm pretty sure that color is guaranteed to make your day.

These are the other new colors on the contact sheet, before light is shed upon them. The "winter white" makes me crazy, too.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful choices!! But that's no surprise :)

Jennifer said...

Love the red, and the little matching bags you are doing for the messengers.

jeana sohn said...

ohhh nice colors!!

Heather Taylor said...

i love with the poppy

Megan Taylor said...

winter white is very 70's, i love


my friend bought the grey/green and I am seriously thinking about the red. it's beautiful. could you email me the price?